The Habits of Happiness

  1. Practice Mindfulness. Practice living in the present moment. Worrying about the past or having anxiety about the future detract from your level on contentment in the present moment. Think less about how you think you should feel and more about how you actually feel.
  2. Eat Healthy. The body and the brain are connected as a cohesive whole, and what happens to one influences the other. Give your physical body the fuel it needs and you will feel the benefits mentally and emotionally. Plus, physical appearance impacts happiness. You control what you put in your body. But don’t forget to indulge from time to time!
  3. Smile More. You can actually trick yourself into feeling happier by smiling more. People are more likely to interact with you if you smile more and humans are social beings at our core. Smile at your loved ones, your coworkers, strangers, and even yourself in the mirror. Smiling releases dopamine. Spread that dopamine to those around you.
  4. Move Your Body. The physical and psychological benefits of movement are massive. Walk your dog, do yoga, go for a run, ride your bike, hike in the woods, swim. It doesn’t matter, just move. There is a reason they call it “runners high.”
  5. Complain Less. Complaining accomplishes nothing; or better yet, nothing positive. Use that energy to find a solution. If you can’t solve it, leave it. Don’t waste energy on what you cannot control. You can complain all day and won’t have accomplished a thing.
  6. Do Something Nice For Someone Else. Hold open the door for someone. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line. Let a stranger go ahead of you in line. Ask the grocery checker how their day is going and genuinely listen. Say “thank you” every time anyone does anything for you. Dr. Lyubomirsky writes: “I’ve come to conclude that helping others leads to a cascade of positive social consequences: Lots of good social things happen when you are generous and kind to others, and many of these play a direct role in making us happier.”
  7. Assess Your Sphere Of Influence. There are things you have control of. There are things you do not directly control, but can influence. And there are things which you cannot control or influence. Focus most of your energy on what you can control. Focus the rest on what you can influence. Give no energy to what you cannot control.
  8. Spend Quality Time With People You Enjoy. True wealth comes from the quality of the people around you. Find people who you enjoy and spend time with them. Get a beer with your friends. Have dinner with your family. You choose who you spend time with, Choose wisely.
  9. Play. Do something fun. Find little moments to play every day. As we grow older our lives become more structured. Don’t forget to play. We have more to learn from children than we realize.



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Tyson Simmons

Tyson Simmons

Kaizen Culture = good change. You are constantly changing, so why not change for the better?